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Youda Farmer - Country game

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Youda Farmer - Country game

Game Description

If you want to try a different lifestyle you don't need to change your job, drop out of school or university or move to another city. Just download the country game Youda Farmer and you will have a unique chance to try yourself at something totally new for you. In this game you will have your own farm. Your task is to grow and cultivate different plants, raise cattle and sell the fruits, vegetables, meat and other products. In fact, nowadays eco food is a trend and people are ready to pay more for it. So Youda Farmer is your chance to change the world for the better. If people start eating organic products, fresh greens and good meat they will be much healthier, happier and, of course, more energetic. You will start with a very small farm so that you can learn the basics. Plant the seeds, water them and see how they grow giving you rich harvest in this country game. During the game you will have the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your facilities: the chicken house, the stables, the fields and the pond. You will now be able to earn more profit than ever! The city dwellers are in need of your supplies of environmentally friendly products. You've got loads of work to do: breed different sorts of fish, plant seeds and grow tomatoes, grapes, potatoes and other vegetables. With the help of an exciting game Youda Farmer you'll find out all the secrets and tricks of cultivation. Besides, you will definitely enjoy the pleasant music and wonderful graphics. Don't waste your time - download the country game Youda Farmer now absolutely for free!


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