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Tropical Farm - Building games

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Tropical Farm - Building games

Game Description

A terrible and devastating hurricane destroyed the whole island. Life stopped on it, all the buildings are damaged and farming is impossible now. What can poor people do in this building game? Thousands of them have been left homeless and hopeless. A young scientist heard this awful news. He was sitting in his laboratory and just finishing a report about a new project dedicated to plants. He was especially interested in increasing the harvest in the natural environment in a short period of time. He came up with a bright idea to start one more complicated experiment and try to revive life on the devastated island. In the building game Tropical Farm you will have a chance to help the young scientist and grow different plants. Later you will be able to export the products all over the world. Having arrived on the island you start by planting several bushes of cherry tomatoes to see if this new technology is working. And miraculously it is! Only in a couple of seconds you can already collect the harvest and put it into the minivan. Soon you have lots of orders and customers so do your best to deal with the purchases in the Tropical Farm. Now you can not only grow tomatoes but also cultivate olives, oranges and other trees or bushes. Then you will learn how to make oil and you will earn even more money. If you cope with this mission you will be able to help poor residents of the island rebuild their houses and start totally new life on a revived land. Download the building game Tropical Farm and enjoy it!


  • Lots of exciting levels
  • Wonderful music and sound effects
  • Ability to grow plants in 5 seconds
  • Amazing graphics

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 600 Mhz or better
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0


Screenshot # 1 of Tropical Farm - Building games Screenshot # 2 of Tropical Farm - Building games Screenshot # 3 of Tropical Farm - Building games

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DOWNLOAD File Size: 37 Mb