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Recreate life on the Earth's pieces step by step!

The game Terrafarmers is set in the year 5300. The Earth has exploded into numerous small parts after endless world wars. The pieces are lifeless and are rotating around the Sun. Only a few managed to survive in this catastrophe: this is a group of scientists who were on the orbit during the attacks. They wanted to help people avoid the wars but it was too late. Life ceased on our once beautiful and fertile planet. And then the scientists decided to create a new civilization, to give new life to the fragments of the Earth. You were lucky to stay alive in the game Terrafarmers and led the group of scientists. You will be using some unique devices invented to revive life. At first, try to renew the atmosphere of the lifeless fragment. With the help of the plant generator you create some small plantations. While coping with this interesting task don't forget to pick up all the insects. Their DNA will be useful to you later. And so when the atmosphere is revived, the experiment with new life can begin. Your next task is to create new inhabitants of the planet. When you are though this challenge they will be walking among the flowering plantations and breathing the fresh air of the revived atmosphere. Congratulations! You have just saved one of the fragments! Now you can move to a new lifeless part and start another mission. Meanwhile, don't forget to visit the Laboratory and exchange the DNA for some useful devices which will help you revive life in the game Terrafarmers.

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