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Sunshine Acres - Sun game

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Sunshine Acres - Sun game

Game Description

If you enjoy farming or just want to try your hand at this difficult but exciting activity and to be a real farmer in the sun game Sunshine Acres is the right one for you. It will let you plunge into the atmosphere of the countryside with all its advantages: fresh air, clean water, bright sunshine and starry nights. As you are only a beginner you will get a small farm on which you will grow your first sunflowers. To ensure the good harvest of seeds don't forget to water your plants on time. You also need to get rid of all the weeds. If you complete the task without mistakes you can collect the seeds and take them to the city in your minivan. There you can sell your harvest and earn your first money. Isn't it exciting? If you cope with cultivation of the sunflowers you will be able to buy a device for processing sunflower seeds into oil. And as you know oil costs much more than the seeds. It's a unique opportunity to start a real business. While you're playing the sun game Sunshine Acres you will learn many tricks. Do you know how to grow different plants or what additional devices to buy to increase the productivity of your sunflowers? Later you can try yourself at something more serious, for example, corn. Living in the countryside all alone may be very boring but don't worry, you have a funny dog to keep you company. It will run around and find many coins in the field. But even when you earn 600 coins you still have lots of work to do. You have 5 different farms so don't waste your time - download the sun game Sunshine Acres now!


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