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Magic Farm - Magic game

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Magic Farm - Magic game

Game Description

Interested in the magic games? Once upon a time a nice young girl left home to study at the Academy of Flowers. Some time later she returned home. To her great surprise she found out that her parents were gone and left an abandoned farm. The last local resident whom she asked to explain everything to her only shrugged his shoulders. He suggested calling a detective but it cost 50 coins. So the young girl had nothing left to do but to try and earn the coins on the abandoned farm of her parents. Help the poor girl with her difficult task, download the game Magic Farm and start working. At first it is very hard to deal with everything but then you get used to it and can't but play this wonderful magic game. In Magic Farm there are different types of flowers which you'll have to put in bouquets and sell. Be very attentive as if you collect the wrong one you won't earn any money. Plant roses and chamomiles but don't forget to water them. Later you can buy a second barrel with water as one would not be enough. And when you have lots of flowers purchase a well. You can also sell the old big bushes and buy some new ones. Every day in the game Magic Farm you have to collect flowers and fight bees or snails attacking your plants. At the end of the day you can sell the blossoms. Well, at last you've earned 50 coins and meet with the detective. But he is a cunning man and asks you for 400 coins to go to the port and start his search there. You need to continue working as the lives of the poor girl's parents are at stake. Download magic game for free right now!


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