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Sell flowers to find the missing people!

A young girl from a poor village was studying at the Floral Academy and was a very good student there. But one day she had to leave as she received a message from her old friend. What a surprise - her parents went to some kind of expedition and didn't return home. The case was urgent and she decided to go back to her village and deal with this strange situation. When she approached her house an elderly man told her the whole story and said that if she had 50 coins she would be able to invite a detective who had investigated the previous missing of her parents. But how could a young girl earn so much money on her own? The old man pointed to the farm where she could grow flowers for sale. But she won't be able to cope alone, she needs an assistant. Download the game Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower and you will be able to investigate this mysterious case. First of all, we need to fight off any snail or beetle and try to grow as many flowers as possible. While you are wiping out the pests different objects are falling. They will come in handy later in the game. Buy additional barrels with water and baskets to store the flowers. Make bouquets and purchase new bushes. But don't forget to sell your old ones. During the game Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower you can also improve skills in trading, farming or fighting the insects. In the course of the game you will have to cope with different tasks. For example when it's too hard to fight the beetles you can pay the supplier for a wonderful aide against them. Good luck in unraveling this complicated case in the game Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower!

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