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Joe's Farm: Holidays - Garden game

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Joe's Farm: Holidays - Garden game

Game Description

Have you ever faced such a challenge when you have only 5 minutes till some unexpected guests arrive at your flat? Your home is a total mess: clothes hanging everywhere, boxes and books lying on the floor, rubbish thrown in the corners... What do you usually do in such a situation? Right, you open the wardrobe and toss everything in. But now imagine that not you only have limited time, but also has the space of your flat shrunk so much that you hardly have enough room to move! If you download the garden game Joe's Farm: Holidays, you'll see that the game's task is very similar to that situation. Your aim is to move the boxes to the right places. But it's a brain-teaser and not a simple one at all! If a chest is near a fence, you will not be able to move it anymore. So be attentive and think hard! Don't give up if you don't know what to do. In Joe's Farm: Holidays there are special prompts that appear on the boxes and suggest what action you can or cannot apply. If you are not sure whether one of the chests should be moved to a certain place, wait for a hint and it will be much easier to win the garden game. Joe's Farm: Holidays is a puzzle which is similar to packing a suitcase in a very short time. You've done that hundreds of times, right? So help poor Joe solve this riddle and move every box to the right place. Nice music will accompany you in the game and you will definitely enjoy the wonderful graphics. But be attentive and don't forget that the time is limited. Rack your brains with Joe's Farm: Holidays! Download garden game now totally for free!


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