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Try your new farmer's gloves and breathe in some fresh air!

Life is so unpredictable! If you are used to the city with its crazy pace, the routine work and supermarkets full of different products why don't you try a different lifestyle, just for a change? You don't have to move to another country or quit your job. Just download the game Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party and plunge into the hard life of farmers. So you have a nice house in the village and some land to cultivate. There is also a couple of chickens, a warehouse and an old van. What should you do with all this? Well, you can set up a very profitable business and forget about all your urban worries. In the game Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party you will start by watering the land and growing some grass on it, then you will feed the chickens and they will produce some eggs. Carry them to a warehouse and a minivan will take them to the market. When you earn your first money you'll be so proud of yourself! But there's no time to relax now: expand your business earning more money and buying special plants to produce different goods. The game Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party is developing step by step. And at every stage you have to cope with a specific task. More and more animals, new products and buildings, bigger vehicles and more profit. All this is waiting for you in the game Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party. Everything is very simple so you can start right now. The animation is wonderful and very realistic. The game is so addictive that you'll be playing it for hours forgetting about the stress and anxiety of the city.

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